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Articles, reviews and stories about our favorite furry friends.


The Bark Magazine

  • The Big Itch
    An allergy, or "hypersensitivity," is basically what results when an immune system becomes stimulated by something that we would not normally classify as harmful...>more
  • Dog Nation - Going to the D.A.W.G.s
    In 1991, when dog parks were virtually unheard of, Chicagoan Stacey Hawk used a local park for offleash...>more

  • Family Dog
    Bruce Gordon with Derby, circa 1950, in front of the family home in Boston...>more
  • Film Fatale
    Over the past year or so I've noticed an unsettling trend: Almost every time a dog appears in a movie, that dog dies...>more
  • GPS for your K-9
    Be it the result of a natural disaster or an inadvertently unlatched gate...>more
  • Wendy & Lucy - A new indie film focuses on the heart of the human-dog bondIn Hollywood, the holidays are reserved for main-stream blockbusters and last-ditch efforts at getting Oscar contenders in under the wire, and this year is no exception...>more