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Short, topical weblogs on what's new in the literary world.



  • Book Review: Practical Demonkeeping 
    I take a foray into the way-back machine to read the Christopher Moore's first novel and see how it measures up to his recent work... >more
  • Book Review: The Year of the Flood
    Margaret Atwood's companion piece to the great Oryx & Crake does not disappoint... >more
  • Twirlit Book Review: Cleaving
    How does the sophomore effort by Julie & Julia author Julie Powell stack up?... >more
  • Twirlit Book Review: High on Arrival
    MacKenzie Phillips tells all, and bores me in the process... >more
  • Twirlit Book Review: Juliet, Naked 
    The newest book by British author Nick Hornby... >more
  • Twirlit Book Review: My Booky Wook
    British funnyman Russell Brand truly reveals all--and wins me over for it...>more
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