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Short, topical weblogs on current events in film.



  • Alternative Programming to the Summer Blockbuster Season
    If you’re not overwhelmed with the urge to run to the cineplex and for summer blockbuster season, or if you do, but you like a little more balance in your viewing diet, now is an excellent time to consider catching up on last year’s Oscar contenders out on DVD and Blu-Ray...>more
  • First Movie Made by Chimpanzees
  • Our Top 15 Vampires
    Favorite fanged ones of all time...>more
  • Top 10 Oscar Contenders for 2009
    It's Oscar time at the box office. What contenders should you see?...>more
  • Viva la Bruno
    As Borat, Baron Cohen was a hairy, hapless ‘Kazakhstani’ who played on our cultural prejudices about Middle Easterners and rural rubery. Now, as Bruno, he embodies a fatuous, flamboyant gay Austrian...>more

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