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Twirlit Blog Posts
  • Chocolate Pumpkin Muffins for Thanksgiving
    Fast, easy, and perfect for the chocoholics and pumpkin-lovers in the family...>more
  • Christmas Recipe: Kick-A$$ Cut-Out Cookies
    Every year at Christmas my mother-in-law makes the world's best Christmas cookies. Now you can too...>more
  • Easter Recipe: Deviled Eggs
    What could be a more natural compliment to the pretty, colorful Easter Eggs than some delicious deviled ones to eat? Nothing....>more
  • Easy Thanksgiving Dessert: Pumpkin Gooey Buttercake
    Fast, easy, and guaranteed to sing everyone off into their final food-coma just in time for the post-Thanksgiving feast football game/nap....>more
  • Hanukkah Recipe: Cheese Knishes
    To die-for-good pastries that are a requirement at any Jewish holiday, at least according to my family....>more
  • Passover Recipe: Jewish Chicken Soup
    Just because you are cooking without flour doesn't mean you can't have lots of good stuff...>more
  • Product Review: Shaman Organic Chocolate
    Given the chance to support native peoples who just want to weave a blanket or a bunch of wealthy Swiss guys who need another sunroof for their BMWs, the answer is clear. But how does the chocolate taste?....>more
  • St. Patrick's Day Recipe: Green Jell-O Salad
    Sounds awful. Tastes awsome....>more
  • Starbucks Ups Prices For High-Maintenance Customers
    But here's the trick: they are actually lowering the cost of plain cups of coffee by 10 cents. Punishment for those of us who like fancy drinks?...>more
  • Superbowl Party Recipe: Black Bean Lime Chili
    Wow your friends with this delicious, unusual chili recipe during halftime...>more
  • True Life: I'm a Food Blogger
    In which I publicly skewer my own inability to cook, as well as the recipes that loved ones sent me on the occasion of my wedding...>more
  • Valentine's Day Recipe: Chocolate Toffee Bark
    So easy, so delicious. Get ready to lose your mind...>more
  • Valentine's Day Recipe: Deep Dark Chocolate Cake
    So moist, even non-chocolate-lovers can't resist...>more