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Short, topical weblogs on the Interwebs.


  • A Bounty of Boners (NSFW)
    Awkwardboners.com features photos of guys with inconvenient and often embarrassing erections. And the 15-year-old still living inside me absolutely loves it...>more
  • Defriending on Facebook
    In the end it turns out that there is one thing I just can’t stomach: Prejudice...>more
  • Drunk History on Youtube
    Has history ever been better than when it is told through the eyes of someone who has had way too much to drink? Definitely not...>more
  • Girl Sells Virginity on Craigslist to Pay for College
    Oh, the horror...>more
  • To Friend or Not to Friend; That is the Facebook Question
    Early on in my Facebook usage, I grappled with the main issue: To friend people from high school or not to?...>more
  • Top 5 Personal Blogs
    My five faves for breaking the monotony of the work day...>more
  • Top 5 Silly Cat Videos
    Why are these cats so funny? And why are most of them Asian?...>more
  • Top 10 Must-Listen Podcasts
    It's time to share the podcast love. So what are the best ones out there?...>more
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