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Articles on current events and government.



  • Blagojevich and Hair Make Impression on The Daily Show
    That Blago went on The Daily Show, given the profuse amounts of jokes for which he was the gleeful butt over the year, would have been surprising were his reserves of deranged narcissism not quite so bottomless. I couldn’t wait to see the war that would erupt...>more

  • Conservatives seek to put ‘Personhood’ Amendment on 2010 California Ballot
    Pro-lifers are trying to get an initiative on the table to change the California state constitution to say that life officially starts at the time of conception. This amendment would not just curtail abortion rights, but would stretch as far as prohibiting birth control...>more
  • Obama and the Don't Ask Don't Tell Debate
    Like many, I put my faith President Obama’s promises of hope and change. Who wouldn’t want to? I for one am hoping to see this change come very, very soon...>more

  • Palin? Prejean? Please.
    What is it with the right glorifying these stupid and/or horrifyingly offensive women?...>more

  • Palin Puts Crib Notes on Hand for Tea Party Speech
    Just when you think it can't get any worse...>more

  • Should the US Adopt Israeli Security Measures?
    When it comes to airline safety track records, El Al wins the day. But would their methods work for us?...>more

  • Top 5 Political Costumes for this Halloween
    Which politician should you be for Halloween this year?...>more