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Heather Huntington

Heather Huntington's latest work


In effort to protect my work, these pieces are password protected*.

Feature-length motion picture scripts:

  • AMAZING. (with Megan Kellie)
    When just watching romantic comedies isn't enough to paste together
    Jeannie Anderson's broken heart, she decides to find her new Mr. Right by living like she's starring in a movie of her own.  >>read

    A romantic comedy about a woman who gives up sex in order to find love.  >>read 
    • Quarterfinalist for the 2004 Nicholl Fellowship in Screenwriting.
  • FRONTIERSMEN (with Michael Milch)
    A black comedy about a fringe group of gay Republicans who go on a murder rampage--for the good of the party.  >>read

  • WHEN LIFE SUCKED LESS (with Michael Milch)
    When a mild-mannered customer service agent for an off-brand smart phone company's wife dies, he has to learn to live without her. Widowerhood--hilarious.  >>read

  • STACY OF SCHAUMBURG (with Megan Kellie)
    30 and single, Stacy Nelson wakes up after her first one-night-stand to discover she's in the Middle Ages, wizards are fake, druids are real, and she’s developing a crush on an anemic, lute-playing king.  >>read
    • Quarterfinalist, 2009 Nicholl Fellowship in Screenwriting (sponsored by A.M.P.A.S.).
    • Second-rounder, 2009 Austin Film Festival Screenplay Competition.
    • Quarterfinalist, 2009 Cynosure Screenwriting Competition.
    • Finalist, 2010 LA Comedy Shorts Film Festival Feature Screenplay Competition.
    • MacBook Pro Winner, 2010 Script Pipeline Screenwriting Competition.
    • Semifinalist, 2010 Big Bear International Film Festival Screenplay Competition.
Television scripts:
  • MODERN FAMILY."It's a Man's World" (spec)
    When Phil turns the garage into a man cave, Manny suspects Jay of cheating, and Cameron and Mitchell do battle with a wayward raccoon, the families learn what it really means to be a man. >>read
    • Second-rounder, 2011 Austin Film Festival Teleplay Competition.
  • REVIVAL. "Pilot" (with Michael Milch)
    Three over-the-hill action movie stars team up for the first time to try to revive their desiccated careers. (Half-hour comedy pilot).  >>read
  • REVIVAL. "Episode 2" (with Michael Milch)>>read
  • NAZI PLAN: WASSERNACHT ALPHA (with Michael Milch)
    There's something you didn't know about Hitler.  >>read

    For when traditional dating sites just aren't doing the trick.  >>read

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